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Organisation Structure


  • DGQA organisation has been structured to cater for varied and specialised product range on functional basis
  • In order to carry out its functions efficiently and effectively, the Organisation is divided into12 Directorates: 10 Technical Directorates, Directorate of Administration and Directorate of Policy Planning and Training. Each Technical Directorate is responsible for a group of technologically distinct equipment



Special DGQA(HAG), New Delhi

Directorate of Administration (Maj Gen /SAG), New Delhi Directorate of PP&T (Maj Gen /SAG), New Delhi IPR Cell, New Delhi Defence Institute of Quality Assurance (DIQA) (Maj Gen /SAG), Bengaluru

DQA (Armaments) (Maj Gen/SAG)

HQ DQA(A) New Delhi CQA(A), Khadki SQAE(A), Khadki SQAE(A), Pune SQAE(A), Chandrapur SQAE(A), Bolangir SQAE(A), Ambajhari SQAE(A), Delhi cantt SQAE(A), Mumbai SQAE(A), Chennai SQAE(A), Kolkata SQAE(A), Secunderabad QAEs (A), Tiruchirapalli QAE(A), Varangaon SQAE(A) & Long Proof Rg Khamaria.

DQA (Weapons) (Maj Gen/SAG)

HQ DQA(W), New Delhi CQA(W), Jabalpur CQA(AVA), Avadi Chennai CQA(SA), Ichapur CQA(I), Dehradun SQAE(A), Kanpur SQAE(A), Cossipur SQAE(A), GCF Jabalpur SQAE(A), Medak SQAE(SA), Ichapur SQAE(SA), Kanpur SQAE(A), Trichy QAE(W), Ambernath QAE(FG), Kanpur Central Proof Est, Itarsi

DQA (Engg Eqpt) (Maj Gen/SAG)

HQ DQA(EE), New Delhi CQA(EE), Pune CQA(FFE), Pune NBCE Wing, Pune SQAE(EE), Mumbai SQAE(EE), Delhi SQAE(EE), Kolkata SQAE(EE), Chennai QAE Wing, Kanpur QAE Wing, Ambajhari QAE Wing, Bengaluru QAE Wing, Medak QAE Wing, Avadi Chennai QAE Wing, Pune

DQA (Warship Project) (R/Admrl)

HQ DQA(WP) New Delhi CQAE(MS) Mumbai CQAE(WE), Mumbai CQAE(EFS), Vishakhapatnam QAE(WE), Chennai QAE(WE), Jalandhar QAE(WE), Vadodara QAE(WE), Bhopal QAE(WE), Delhi QAE(WE), Kolkata QAE(WE), Bengaluru QAE(WE), Pune QAE(EFS), Mumbai QAE(EFS), Kolkata QAE(EFS), Chennai QAE(FPC), Bengaluru QAE(WPC), Mumbai QAE(WPC), Kolkata

DQA (Naval) (R/Admrl)

HQ DQA(N), New Delhi CQAE(NS), Mumbai CQAE(WE), Bengaluru CQAE(WS), Mumbai QAE (N), Mumbai QAE (N), Kochi QAE (N), Badarpur QAE (N), Chennai QAE (N), Kolkata QAE (N), Secunderabad QAE(UWB), Mumbai QA (N) Cell, Haridwar

DQA (Stores) (Maj Gen/SAG)

HQ DQA(S) New Delhi CQA(GS), Kanpur CQA(T&C), Kanpur CQA(PP), Kanpur CQA(M), Kanpur SQAE(GS), Mumbai SQAE(GS), Chennai SQAE(GS), Kolkata SQAE(GS), Delhi SQAE(GS), Shahjahanpur SQAE(GS), Kanpur

DQA (Vehicles) (Maj Gen/SAG)

HQ DQA(V), New Delhi CQA(V), Ahmednagar CQA(SV), Dehu Road CQA(OFV), Jabalpur CQA(BEML), Bengaluru SQAE (V), Mumbai SQAE (V), Delhi SQAE (V), Kolkata SQAE (V), Chennai VQA (W), Jamshedpur VQA (W), Bengaluru VQA (W), Pune VQA (W), Kanpur VQA (W), Amernath VTC, Khadki VTC, Dehu Road

DQA (Combat Vehicles) (Maj Gen/SAG)

HQ DQA(CV), Avadi CQA(HV), Avadi CQA(ICV), Medak SQAE(V), KGF Bangalore DQA(CV) Cell, New Delhi

DQA (Electronics) (Maj Gen/SAG)

HQ DQA(L) New Delhi CQA(L), Bengaluru CQA(EW), Secunderabad CQA(AVL), Avadi SQAE (L), Mumbai SQAE (L), Delhi SQAE (L), Medak SQAE (L), Chennai SQAE (L), Kolkata SQAE (L), Secunderabad SQAE(L) Wing, Pune SQAE(L) Wing, Kotdwara SQAE(L) Dett, BEL Ghaziabad SQAE(L) Dett, COD Agra Software Development Co-ordinator Cell(SDCC)

DQA (Radar & Systems) (Maj Gen/SAG)

HQ DQA(R&S), Secunderabad CQA(S), Secunderabad CQA(R), Bengaluru SQAE (L), Bengaluru SQAE (L), Jabalpur SQAE(L&S), Chandigarh SQAE(S), Secunderabad DQA(R&S)Cell, New Delhi

DQA (Metals & Explosives)Ichapur (Maj Gen/SAG)

HQ DQA(M&E), Ichapur CQA(ME), Pune CQA(Met), Ichapur SQAE(M&E), Aruvankadu SQAE(M&E), Bhandara SQAE(M&E), Itarsi QAE(M&E), Khamaria SQAE(M&E), DehuRoad QAE(M&E), Khadki SQAE(M), Ichapur QAE(M), Katni SQAE(M), Muradnagar SQAE(M), Ambarnath DQA(M&E) Cell New Delhi


  • DQA:
    Directorate of Quality Assurance
  • CQA:
    Controllerate of Quality Assurance
  • CQAE:
    Chief Quality Assurance Estt
  • SQAE:
    Senior Quality Assurance Estt
  • QAE:
    Quality Assurance Estt
  • VQA:
    Vehicle Quality Assurance
  • QAE/VTC:
    Quality Assurance Estt / Vehicle Technical Cell
  • Headquarter Technical Directorate
  • Authorities Holding Scaled Particulars
  • Filed Quality Assurance Estt
  • Proof Estt / System Development Cell / Data Bank