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Organisation Structure


  • DGQA organisation has been structured to cater for varied and specialised product range on functional basis
  • In order to carry out its functions efficiently and effectively, the Organisation is divided into12 Directorates: 10 Technical Directorates, Directorate of Administration and Directorate of Policy Planning and Training. Each Technical Directorate is responsible for a group of technologically distinct equipment
DGQA who is who


  • DQA:
    Directorate of Quality Assurance
  • CQA:
    Controllerate of Quality Assurance
  • CQAE:
    Chief Quality Assurance Estt
  • SQAE:
    Senior Quality Assurance Estt
  • QAE:
    Quality Assurance Estt
  • VQA:
    Vehicle Quality Assurance
  • QAE/VTC:
    Quality Assurance Estt / Vehicle Technical Cell
  • Headquarter Technical Directorate
  • Authorities Holding Scaled Particulars
  • Filed Quality Assurance Estt
  • Proof Estt / System Development Cell / Data Bank