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PIOs under RTI Act in DGQA

Procedural Guidelines: Placement of JAG(SG) Officers in Higher Appointments
COMPLIANCE UNDER SECTION 4(1) (B) OF RTI ACT, 2005, Click the link given below.
Compliance under Section 4(1)(b) of Right to Information Act, 2005

  • Station: Mumbai, Ambarnath, Vadodra & Ahmedabad
  • Esst Covered: CQAE(MS) CQAE(NS) CQAE(WS) CQAE(WE) CQAE (WE/WP) All SQAEs QAEs & Dets
  • Rank/Gde Name & Appt.:
  • Office Address & Tel No/Fax: CQAE(MS) DGQA/NMRL Complex, 7th Floor, Naval Dockyard, Tiger Gate Mumbai 400 023 Tele No.022-22664099, 022-22660538 Fax No.022-22662077
  • Nodal Estt: CQAE(WE) Mumbai
  • E-email: Pio_dgqa_mumbai[at]mtnl[dot]net[dot]in
  • Station: Delhi (Badarpur), Muradnagar, Dehradun, Chandigarh, Jallandhar, Ludhiana, Agra, Amritsar & Hazaratpur
  • Esst Covered: CQA(I) SQAEs QAEs & Dets
  • Rank/Gde Name & Appt.: QAO
  • Office Address & Tel No/Fax: SQAE(A), T-18 Kandhar Line, Delhi Cantt 110 010 Tele No.011-25684211 Tele/Fax No.011-25693810
  • Nodal Estt: SQAE(A) Delhi Cantt.
  • E-email: sqae[at]bol[dot]net[dot]in
  • Station: HQ DGQA New Delhi
  • Esst Covered: All Directorates
  • Rank/Gde Name & Appt.: Shri Rajeev Ranjan Khan (Deputy Director, PI Cell)
  • Office Address & Tel No/Fax: Room No. 114, 1st Floor 'B' Block, HQ DGQA, Defence Office Complex, Africa Avenue, New Delhi-110023/ Tele:- 24196739
  • Nodal Estt: HQ DGQA New Delhi
  • E-email: dgqacpio[at]bol[dot]net[dot]in
The address of 1st Appellate Authority is as under:-
Sh. Sheo Badan Yadav,
Director (RTI & Registry)
Room No.117, 1st Floor 'B' Block, HQ DGQA,
Defence Office Complex, Africa Avenue,
New Delhi-110023
Tel:- 24196731