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1. Ministry of Defence, Department of Defence Production initiated ‘Mission RakshaGyan Shakti’ in the month of Apr 2018, with a primary objective of “Boosting the IP culture” and to promote creation of Intellectual Property in the defence production sector, in line with the national policy on IPR, to encourage and assist the DPSUs and their creative/ innovative Officials towards IPR regime.

2. MoD, DDP has laid a robust foundation for this mission by creating a supporting ecosystem in form of an Intellectual Property Rights Facilitation (IPF) Cell in 04 April 2018, under the aegis of DGQA as part of DDPs ‘Mission Raksha Gyan Shakti – Intellectual Property for Self-Reliance in Defence’. The mission was formally launched by Hon’ble Raksha Mantri on 27 Nov 2018. .

3. IPF CELL under the aegis of DGQA forms the Tier-I body with Tier-II level IPFCs at corporate HQ level in all DPSUs and Tier-III level IPFCs at respective Production Divisions/Units of the DPSUs. In view of Atmanirbhar Bharat related IPR task areas identified, will be executed through dedicated MRGS website under development by DPIT and Customised On-Line Training (COLT) website ( ) already developed and launched by BEL. These initiatives are expected to provide a major fillip to the ongoing efforts of MoD towards promoting a culture of Innovation and Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) in Indian Defence industry.

4. IP Filed and registered / granted since launch of MRGS
(a) IP Filed and registered / granted data for DPSUs
(i) IP Filed - 3,389 Nos
ii) IP Granted / Registered by IPO - 1,241 Nos

(b) IP Filed by DGQA
(i) IP Filed for Copyright - 100 Nos
(ii) IP Registered by IPO - 96 Nos

5. IPR Training since launch of MRGS
(a) Total Personnel Trained (DPSUs & Pvt Vendors) till date - 44,099
(b) COLT Training : For nationwide IPR training, Customized Online Training (COLT) platform was launched by Secy(DP) on 27 Oct 2021. Presently, COLT is available online at for access by all across the country for online self-paced IPR training.
(i) Total Enrolled -   3,294
(ii) Completed - 2,342