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Award For Best DGQA Establishment

  • Application form : Award of 'Best DGQA Establishment'
  • Formats For Annexures (To Appendix 'A')


The objective of the award for best DGQA Establishment is to recognize the outstanding performance of an Establishment in a year as well as to foster spirit of Organizational Excellence in the DGQA.


The award will be presented to the DGQA Establishment which secures overall highest marks as per the assessment by the Selection Committee and Check Audit Team.

Constitution of Selection Committee

(a) Chairman - Addl DGQA

(b) Members

i) Director (PP&T)

ii) Addl Director from all Technical Directorates

{Less DQA(N)and DQA(WP)} - 01 each

iii) Jt Director from DQA(N) & DQA(WP) - 01 each

iv) Jt Director (Coord) - Member Secretary

    Methodology for Initiating Applications

    (a) Initial Application : The initial application for the Award based on Standard Format as per Appendix 'A' will be forwarded by the Controllerates/Establishments to their respective Directorates. The applications should be complete in all respects and reach the Dtes by 25 June.

    (b) Initial Scrutiny : The Directorates will scrutinize all the applications and shortlist applicants as per under mentioned distribution on pro-rata basis :-

    (i) DQA(A) - 5 (46)

    (ii) DQA(V) - 2 (16)

    (iii) DQA(L) - 2 (19)

    (iv) DQA(S) - 1 (11)

    (v) DQA(EE) - 1 (10)

    (vi) DQA(N) - 1 (12)

    (vii) DQA(WP) - 2 (14)

    The exercise of short listing the applications will be completed by the Dtes by 01 July.

    (c) Submission of Short Listed Applications to Selection Committee : All Directorates will forward applications as per prescribed format of only Short Listed Applicants to the Selection Committee. Directorates will be responsible for completion, correctness and timely submission of all details and supplementary inputs required as per Application Format. The short listed applications will be forwarded to the Selection Committee by 05 July.

      Processing of Applications

      (a) Member Secretary will receive and register all Short Listed Applications. The registration of applicants will be completed by 10 July.

      (b) Member Secretary will compile a Matrix {enlarged on A- 3 Size Paper} comprising all Parameters/Sub-Parameters (of the Matrix) and columns for allotment of marks and weightages by 15 July.

      (c) The Committee will then scrutinize each application and allot marks for all the Parameters and Sub-Parameters. The Evaluation / Assessment of various Parameters/Sub Parameters will be made based on Standard system/Assessment criteria. Since all Parameters/Sub Parameters as per application Format are not applicable to all Establishments, the assessment of each Establishment will be made only for those Parameters/Sub Parameters which are applicable to them. The scrutiny of applications by the Selection Committee and award of marks will be completed by 20 July.

      (d) The Member Secretary will collate the final marks, total them up and indicate first three positions based on final marks.

      Check Audit Team

      A team comprising of two officers nominated by the Chairman will visit the Establishments placed in first three positions to authenticate the information given in respective Application Forms. The Team is allocated 150 Marks which will be allotted by them after the visit based on their assessment of the Establishment. The team will also submit a visit report to the Selection Committee hightlighting the Variations/observations on the inputs forwarded by the Establishment in the Application Form. The Selection Committee will be re-convened for consideration of the visit report and marks awarded by the Check Audit Team. The Selection Committee will thereafter decide the Final Award Winner by 10 August.

      The final list alongwith marks and the Award Winner will be put up to DGQA for perusal by 25 August.


      The Award Winner will be presented a Rolling Trophy. Appropriate endorsement will be made on the plate of the Trophy.

      Conduct of Award Ceremony

      The Trophy will be presented to the Best Establishment during the DGQA Day Celebrations held at DGQA HQrs.