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Technical Committee :


The Technical Committee is responsible for selection of items for selection
of vendors, issue of tenders on a limited basis and evaluation of offers for ab-initio
development for placement of Supply Orders.


Role & Functions of Technical Committee

The Technical Committee assists the Department of Defence Supplies, Ministry of Defence
in Locating source of supply for Defence stores, whether to being imported.
The functions include :-

  • Vetting and scrutiny of Depot lists and selection of items suitable for

  • Planning for substitution.

  • Floating of tender enquiries, examination and processing of quotations.

  • Technical vetting and scrutiny of drawings / specification.

  • Conducting negotiations with the firms.

  • Technical vetting and examination of quotation and evaluation thereof

  • Preparation of techno-economic Comparative statements.

  • Association with users to workout their short term, long term and life
    time requirements.

  • Maintenance of firm's performance records.

  • Checking availability of samples for preparations of drawings.

  • Co-ordination of work relating of items by Technical committee.

  • Maintenance of statistics.

  • Preparation and issue of agenda and Minutes.

  • Submission of agenda points for Central Technical committee (CTC ).

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