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13 Feb 17 Rotational Transfer - 2017 Group 'B' (Gazetted and Non Gazetted) Officials
13 Feb 17 Release of direct recruitment Vacancies: 2015-16
01 Feb 17 Advisory - 01 / 2017: Canteen Facilities
27 Jan 17 CSD Canteen Facilities to Retired Defence Civilians
05 Jan 17 Publication of Material of Statutory Bodies/Autonomous Bodies/PSU in the Gazette of India
04 Jan 17 PM'S Directive on 'ANUBHAV' - Showcasing Outstanding Work Done During Service
30 Dec 16 RE-Distribution of Posts Consequent to Cadre Review Group'B' &'C' Posts of DGQA
27 Dec 16 Updation of URC Details
26 Dec 16 Grant of Upgraded Pay scales to the Fire Fighting Staff in Ministry of Defence as per VI CPC Recommendations
07 Dec 16 Implementation of Govt, Decision on the Recommedations of  7th CPC Revision of Provisions Regulating Pension/Gratuity/Commutation of Pension/Family Pension/Disability Pension/EX-Gratia Lump-Sum Compensation, ETC in Respect of Civilians/Defence Civilians of Ministry of Defence and their Families
15 Nov 2016 Circulation of OMs Issued by MoF / DoE (IC) Regrding 7 th CPC
26 Sep 2016 Making Available Publically Scores and Ranking of Candidates in Recruitment Examination Through Portal Reg
15 Sep 2016 Grant of Non Functional Upgradation to DQAS Officers (Organised Group 'A' Service) with Grade Pay of Rs 6600/- Rs 7600/- (PB-3) & Grade Pay of Rs 8700/- and Rs 10000/- (PB-4)
23 Sep 2016 Constitution of Complaint Committee Under the Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention Prohibition and Redressal) ACT, 2013
26 Aug 2016 Implementation of Recommendations of 7th CPC -Issue of Civilians in Defence Service (Revised Pay) Rules 2016
16 Aug 2016 Advisory -20/016: Canteen Facilities to Retired Defence Civilians and Family Pensioners of Retired Defence Civilians
10 Aug 2016 Details of GP 'B' & 'C' DGQA Employees Posted at DGQA HQ Who are Due to Retire on Before 31 Dec 2017
04 Aug 2016 Provision of Twenty Four Internet Connections Over Existing Telphone Lines of DGQA Establishments
27 Jul 2016 Advisory -19/016: Destruction of Surrendered Canteen Smart Card by UR
18 Jul 2016 Recruitment of Staff through Employment Exchange - Reg
18 Jul 2016 Verification of all nomination forms in Service Records
05 Jul 2016 121st meeting of the Official Language Implementation Committee
27 Jun 2016 Review of Mechanisims to Ensure Probity Amoung Government Servants
29 Jun 2016 ON-LINE Collection of Annual Data About Epresentation of SCs, STs & OBCs and Persons with Disability in Central Government Services
17 Jun 2016 Periodical Review of Performance of Government Servants As per Provision of FR 56(J) and Rule 48(1) of CCS (Pension) Rules, 1972
31 May 2016 Strengthening of Administration Periodical Review Under FR 56(J) and Rule 48 of CCS (Pension) Rules, 1972
23 May 2016 Online Nominations / recommendation For Padma Awards 2017- REG
09 May 2016 Provision of Minimum Pension of Rs 1000 per month the Pensioners Under the Employees Pension Scheme 1995 Publicity of
09 May 2016 Delay in Submission of Pension Claims in Respect of Defence Civilians
09 May 2016 Central Government Employees Group Insurance Scheme 1980 Tables of Benefits- for The Saving Fund for the Period From 01.01.16 to 31.12.16- Reg
26 Apr 2016 Regarding Placing of Banners Relating to Major Government Programmes and  Initiatives on Government of India Website
09 Mar 2016 Cadre Review Group 'B' & 'C' Posts of DGQA Org
28 Mar 2016 Advisory 17/2016 : Forwarding of Canteen Smart Card Applications
18 Mar 2016 Direct Recruitment Under Meritorious Sportsperson Reservation Quota in DGQA : Revised Procedure
09 Mar 2016 Supply of Information Reg- Creation of Web Based Database of All IT System
12 Feb 2016 Transfer of Defence Land  for Public Utilities And Public Infrastructure Project
09 Feb 2016 Extension of Medical Facilities to Defence Industrial Employees in Mumbai
05 Feb 2016 Security Advisory Regarding Installation of Telephone / Internet Connections by Private Service Providers Like AIRTEL, VODAFONE  ETC
18 Feb 2016 Constitution of Internal Complaints Committee for prevention of sexual harassment  of working women at work place for DGQA HQ, New Delhi
01 Feb 2016 Release of Direct Recruitment Vacancies : 2014 - 15
22 Jan 2016 Minutes of PPB Meeting Held on 30 Nov 2015
21 Jan 2016 Discontinuation of interview for appointments to junior level posts in GOI, Reg
16 Dec  2015 Revision of Income Limit for the Purpose of providing  Central Government Health Scheme (CGHS) Coverage to Family Members of the CGHS Covered Employees Clarification Regarding
10 Dec  2015 Implementation of CAT, Principal Bench, New delhi Order Dated 03.04.2013 in OA NO.  2520/2012 Filied by Draughtsman association DGQA
07 Dec  2015 Communications Received from Department of Expenditure, Central Pension Accounting Office
18 Nov  2015 Belated submission of Superannuation / Retiring Pension Claims in Respect of Civilian paid from Defence service Estimates
17 Nov  2015 Pay Fixation on Account of Re-Employment of Ex-Serviceman
16 Nov  2015 Cases of Promotion Taking Place in the Pre- Revised Pay Structure Between 1.1.2006 and the Date of Notification of CCS (RP) Rules, 2008 and the Subsequent Merger of the Pre- Revised Pay Scales of the Promotional and The Feeder Posts in a Common Grade - Fixation of Pay - Regarding
05 Nov  2015 National Creer Service (NCS)
03 Nov 2015 Instructions from cabinet secretariat on the Violation of Conduct Rules
02 Nov  2015 Office Memorandum
28 Oct  2015 E-Publishing of Government of India Gazette Notification Discontinuing of the Practice of Physical Printing
09 Oct  2015 Constitution of Complaint Comittee under the Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention Prohibition and Redressal ACT, 2013)
01 Oct  2015 Requirement of Non Availability Certificate (NAC) From Allotting Authority of Government Accommodation of DGQA and DGOF for Claiming HRA by Civilian Employees of DGQA Org
11 Sep  2015 Launch of 'ON-LINE' CVR Web APP for the Process of Character and Antecedents Verification by Delhi Police
09 Sep  2015 Guidelines for Direct Recruitment
28 Aug 2015 Revision of Pension of PRE-2006 Pensioners
17 Aug 2015 Communications of Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions (Department of Pension & Pensioners Welfare)
14 Jul 2015 Projected Expenditure on Payment of PLB for the Year 2014-15 Taking Rs 3500/- P.M. as Calculation Ceiling
02 Jul 2015 Stoppage of fixed medial allowance (FMA) being paid to the central Government Employees working in the Interior/ remote area and their governance under CS (MA) Rules, 1944
22 Jun 2015 Circulation of Various Govt Orders / Instructions Issued by the Nodal Ministries
05 Jun 2015 Gazette Notification of E-Mail Policy of GoI & Policy on Use of IT Resources of GoI Formulated by DeitY
20 May 2015 Delay in Submission of Pension Claims in Respect of  Defence Civilians
15 May 2015 Payment of  Nigtht Duty Allowance (NDA) at Revised rates to the eligible Civilian Employees Working in the Establishments Under the Ministry of Defence in Implementation of Hon'ble C.A.T Jodhpur order dated 5 Nov 2009
15 May 2015 Payment of Transport Allowance to Central Government Employees-Extension of Benefit of Transport Allowance at Double the Normal Rates to Deaf and Dumb Employees Clarification Regarding
15 May 2015 Revision of Rates of Washing Allowance on Protective Clothing
15 May 2015 Charter of Duties - Technician (Semi-Skilled)
14 May 2015 Amendment to SRO for Allotment of Higher Type of Accommodation to DGQA Employees
13 May 2015 Release of "Policy on Adoption of Open Source Software for GOI" and "Framework for adoption of OSS in e-Governance applications"
08 May 2015 Forwarding of DOPT Guidlines Contained in DO NO. 43019/11/2014-ESTT. (D) dated 17.6.14 on Analysis of Cases Disposed of By Various Benches of CAT 
04 May 2015 Grant of Fixed Medical Allwance (FMA) to the Central Governemnt Pensioners Residing in Areas not Covered Under CGHS
21 Apr 2015 Payment of dearness allowance to central government employees- Revised rate effective from 01.01.2015
18 Apr 2015 Procedure for Transfer of Defence Land for Public utilities and Public Infrastructure Project
30 Mar 2015 Travelling Allowance in Respect of Attendant / Escort for Accompanying a Government Servant with Disabilities on Travel During Tour / Training ETC
25 Mar 2015 Office Memorandum
24 Mar 2015 Forwarding of Circulars on Security Issues
24 Mar 2015 Action Taken by the Government on the Observations/Recommendations Contained in their First Report (16th Lok Sabha) of the Public Accounts Committee on non - Compliance by the Ministries / Department in Timely Submission of Action taken notes on the non - Selevted audit Paragraphs of the C& AG of India
23 Mar 2015 Guidelines for Issue of 'NO Objection Certificate (NOC)' for Building Constructions
12 Mar 2015 Central Government Employees Group Insurance Scheme 1980- Tables of Benefits for the Saving Funds for the Period From 1.1.15 to 31.12.15 - REG
11 Mar 2015 Postal Network
11 Mar 2015 E-Office System
05 Mar 2015 Strict Compliance of the Provisions Contained in the Flag Code of India 2002 and Prevention of insults to national honour ACT, 1972 - Regarding
04 Mar 2015 Forwarding of Circulars on Security Issues
12 Feb 2015 Grant of Non Functional Upgradation to DQAS Officers (Organised Group 'A' Service with Grade Pay of Rs 7600/- (PB-3) & Grade pay of Rs 8700/- and Rs 10000/ (PB-4)
06 Jan 2015 Amendment To Rules 3 Of Central Civil Services (Conduct) Rules, 1964 - Need For Code of Ethics and Values of Civil Services
23 Dec 2014 Relaxation of Procedures to be Followed in Considering Requests for Medical Rembursement Claims in Respect of CS (MA) Beneficiaries
17 Dec 2014 Clarification Regarding Purchase of AIR Tickets From Authorized Travel Agents for the Purpose of LTC
10 Nov 2014 Consolidated Instructions on Compassionate Appointment  
31 Oct 2014 Grant of Dearness Relief to Central Government Pensioners / Family Pensioners - Revised Rate Effective From 01.07.2014 

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