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2. All these constitute the beginning of the various Inspection Establishment/Units over which the present Directorate General of Quality Assurance (DGQA) known erstwhile in the name of Directorate General of Inspection (DGI) exercise overall Technical and Administrative control. These Establishments were grouped into three Directorates, two functioning under MGO and one under DGS&D. These were:-

  • Directorate of Armaments, MGO (ARMY)

  • Directorate of Mechanisation, MGO (ARMY)

  • Controllerate General of Inspection (This was formed by merging the Defence and Civil Inspection Wing under the Director General of Supplies and Disposals (DGS&D))


3. They were given the overall responsibility of ensuring the quality of stores manufactured by the Ordinance Factories, trades and supplies to the troops.

4. In 1946, these Organizations were grouped into a single composite Inspection - cum - Research and Development Organization called the Directorate of Technical Development (DTD) in the MGO's Branch. Full Administrative and technical Control of all the functions of Inspection Testing, Research and Development of Armament and other Stores / Equipments was, for the first time, vested in a single authority viz DTD Organization.


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