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<table cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" width="583" border="0"> <tbody> <tr> <td colspan="6"> </td> </tr> <tr> <td width="1"> </td> <td valign="top" rowspan="13" colspan="6"><!-- #BeginEditable "center_matter" --> <table style="height: 2571px; width: 591px" width="591" border="0"> <tbody> <tr> <td width="743"> <div align="center"> <div class="style5" align="center"><strong>MONITORING OF SUPPLIER PERFORMANCE</strong></div> </div> </td> <td> <div class="style5" align="center"> </div> </td> </tr> <tr> <td> </td> </tr> <tr> <td> <p align="justify"> <span class="style6">30.      For purpose of continuous monitoring the performance of a Supplier registered on the compendium of Registered Suppliers, a system of Supplier rating and its periodic review is necessary to forestall bad quality and/or irregular deliveries. This is also necessary to provide a systematic database to defence purchase agencies to assist them in their decision making for placement of orders.</span></p> <p class="style6" align="justify">31.       <strong><u>Supplier Rating.</u></strong> All Suppliers will be given a Supplier rating expressed as a percentage score based on their actual performance against each completed supply order by the concerned SQAE/AHSP. Incomplete orders will not be Supplier rated. Development orders for Indigenisation/new items (placed for the first time only) will also not be Supplier rated. The Supplier rating will be based on the following:-</p> <p class="style6" align="justify">            <strong>(a)</strong>       <strong><u>Quality Rating</u></strong><u> <strong>(QR).</strong></u> The following attributes shall be considered:-</p> <p class="style6" align="justify">(i) The quality of supplies as per the contractual specifications shall play the dominant role.</p> <p class="style6" align="justify">(ii) The number of rejections/modifications/improvements affected to the product to meet the laid down specifications.</p> <p class="style6" align="justify">(iii) The quality systems adopted, superiority of the process involved and the Quality Control (QC) methods to achieve the end product.</p> <p class="style6" align="justify">(iv) The effectiveness of the subcontractor policy in vogue to control the quality of  inward goods from sub-contractors and the raw materials/bought out items and their traceability factors.</p> <p class="style6" align="justify">(v) The overall effectiveness/independency of the QC Deptt and the quality management of the Suppliers.<br />                       </p> <p class="style6" align="justify"><strong>                  <span class="style6"> </span></strong><span class="style6">(vi) <strong>Weightage of Quality rating will be 60.</strong></span></p> <p class="style6" align="justify">                                 <strong>QR =  ∑  [Kd x Kr x Na ] </strong><br /> <strong>                                              ------------------------</strong><br />                                                            <strong>Ni</strong><br /> Where,<br />                          <strong>Na </strong>= Qty accepted in the I-note.<br />                          <br /> <strong>Kd</strong> = deviation coefficient applicable where quality audit & surveillance done by QA staff based on criticality of stores. The values of Kd will be 0.5 in case deviation is observed during process/product audit, QIN issued during Quality Audit & Surveillance. Kd will be 1.0 when the quantity is accepted without any <strong>deviation</strong>.</p> <p class="style6" align="justify"><strong>Kr</strong> = Rectification coefficient. The value of Kr will be 0.5 for lots accepted after segregation/rectification and 1.0 for lots with no rectification/segregation.</p> <p class="style6" align="justify">  <strong>Ni </strong>  = Quantity offered for Inspection.</p> <p class="style6" align="justify"><u>Note</u>:  <strong>∑</strong>   indicates summation of QRs computed where supplies are in various lots.<br />                          <br /> <strong>(b)</strong>      <strong><u>Delivery Rating (DR)</u></strong> : The following attributes shall be considered:</p> <div class="style6" align="justify"> <ol> <li>The timely supply of advance samples/prototypes for evaluation and     subsequent timely delivery of supplies after accordance of the <strong>BPC</strong>. The delays caused by the purchaser are not to be considered in computation of <strong>DR.</strong></li> </ol> </div> <p class="style6" align="justify"><strong> </strong></p> <p class="style6" align="justify"><strong>(ii)</strong>   The number of DD extensions sought by the firm and the validity of the reasons for such extensions.</p> <p class="style6" align="justify"><strong>(iii)   </strong>The effectiveness planning/coordination of the firm to meet the stipulated delivery schedules especially when imported items/raw materials are involved.</p> <p class="style6" align="justify"><strong>(iv)     Weightage for delivery rating is 30.</strong></p> <p class="style6" align="justify">            Delivery rating (DR) for a lot or consignment depends upon the quantity supplied within the stipulated delivery time for the full consignment. The delivery rating may, therefore, be obtained by the following formula:           </p> <p class="style6" align="justify">                                        <strong>   Q1   &

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