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<table style="height: 2183px; width: 605px" width="605" border="0"> <tbody> <tr> <td> <div align="center"> <div class="style5" align="center"><strong>PROCEDURE AND CHARGES FOR RENEWAL OF REGISTRATION</strong></div> </div> </td> <td> <div class="style5" align="center"> </div> </td> </tr> <tr> <td> </td> </tr> <tr> <td> <p align="justify">. <span class="style9"> Essentially, the aforesaid procedure prescribed for initial registration will be followed for renewal also. The following guidelines may be followed regarding recovery of assessment fee and the requirement of a visit to the premises of the firm. </span></p> <div class="style9" align="justify"> <ol> <li>In case the firm has applied for renewal of registration for only those items/group of items/products for which it is already registered and it has satisfactorily supplied all these items/group of items/products during the past three years without any adverse feed back, the registration of the firm be renewed based on its satisfactory performance and Supplier rating.  <strong>The computation of SR/CSR for the last three years by the SQAO against supply orders of the same generic type of items executed shall decide the fitness of the Supplier for renewal of registration.</strong>  In such cases and where there are no changes in the infrastructure, no visit will be required.  In case there are infrastructural changes, it is up to the discretion of the initiating/ recommending authorities on whether a visit is necessary.  In all such cases no assessment fee will be charged.</li> <li> In cases other than (a) above, where the Supplier applies for additional items or has not supplied all the items or a specific group of items/product for which they were registered during the past three years or the performance of the firms is not satisfactory for any or all of the products, the firm will be asked to submit all the documents afresh and a re-verification visit will be carried out.  In such cases assessment fee will also be charged except where additional items applied for do not involve new technology/design.</li> </ol> </div> <p class="style9" align="justify">(c)  Applications for general registration of additional items from existing Suppliers will  NOT be entertained earlier than expiry of 6 months from date of last registration/visit.</p> </td> </tr> <tr> <td> </td> </tr> <tr> <td> <p align="left"><strong><u>Flow Chart for Assessment of Supplier for renewal of</u></strong></p> </td> </tr> <tr> <td><img alt="" width="514" height="216" src="" /></td> </tr> <tr> <td> <p align="justify">1<span class="style9">4.       <strong><u>Validity of renewal</u></strong>. All renewals of registration will be valid for a <strong>period of 3 years</strong> from date of validity of previous certificate expires.  Renewal of registration, with or without a visit to the premises of the firm, will be done only once.  Therefore, <strong>after six years, renewal of registration will be done afresh after obtaining complete documents required for initial registration, assessment fee as applicable at that time and visiting the firm again. </strong></span></p> <p class="style9" align="justify">15.       <strong><u>Grace Period</u></strong>.  Where application for renewal has been made before the due date in terms of para 12 above and fresh registration certificate of renewal is delayed in processing, and then the previous registration will remain valid for a <strong>period of three months from the date of expiry</strong>.  Such Suppliers will be deemed to be registered till the renewal action is completed.</p> <p class="style9" align="justify">16.       <strong><u>Scrutiny of Assessment Report.</u></strong> To ensure timely materialisation of Defence Supplies of requisite quality, selection of technically capable and financially sound suppliers for defence is of paramount importance. It is, therefore, vital that the assessment report of the visiting team should be prepared with due care and scrutinised thoroughly at a higher level before recommendations are made to the Accepting Authority.</p> <p class="style9" align="justify">17.       <strong><u>Responsibility for carrying out Supplier Assessment. </u></strong>Supplier Assessment of firms will be done strictly as per AHSP responsibility stipulated in <strong>Army, Navy or Air force Orders issued from time to time.</strong></p> <p class="style9" align="justify">18.       <strong><u>Registration with one discipline of DGQA is valid for others.</u></strong> For similar stores/process, registration of a Supplier with one discipline will be valid for all other disciplines and purchase Officers of Defence. However, in case of Supplier already registered with one discipline, applies for registration for additional items/new products or process to a different assessing/initiating authority, the procedure to be followed for registration will be as per the guidelines given in <strong>Appendix ‘D’</strong> to this guide.</p> <p class="style9" align="justify">19.       <strong><u>Special Circumstances.</u></strong>The formal procedure for submitting all documents indicating details of technical infrastructure/facilities and the quality system may be modified by the approving authority or his authorised representative in <strong>specific cases of renowned and outstanding firms</strong> where it is desirable to keep such firms in compendium of registered suppliers. For example, in the case of TELCO, BHEL, etc, it may be difficult and irrelevant to compile and collect all details of installed machinery, personnel etc. However, in such cases the quality system of these firms for specific product(s), for which it is desired to register them, can be verified and recorded. Registration of such firms may be done after discussions between the Recommending Authority and suitable officials of the top-level management of the company and assessment of the quality control practices & quality of the product. Before registration, a written commitment will be obtained from the top management of the company to develop, indigenise and manufacture the stores in question as per Defence requirement. </p> <p class="style9" align="justify">20.       Special situations may also arise where purchase agencies advertise tenders and non-registered firms offer competitive quotations. Invariably purchase agencies such as DGS&D, DGOS, and DGST etc. require Supplier assessment of such firms to be done within a specific period generally within <strong>30 days</strong> during which the offers are valid. In such cases the purchase agencies will ask these firms to submit their details and documents as per requirement of <strong>Appendix ‘K’</strong> of this guide particularly highlighting their capability for the product offered to the concerned area SQAE by a fixed date. In case the documents are submitted by the firm before the given date, the concerned SQAE, without waiting for authorisation, should carry out the assessment of the firms for the relevant product/s. Assessment reports as per <strong>Appendix ‘L’</strong> will be forwarded to the concerned Recommending/Accepting Authority. In such cases, where there may be limitations of time and contractual urgency, the accepting authority may scrutinize the details and recommendations of the area SQAE directly and intimate the purchasing agency regarding capacity/capability of such firms. However, such firms will not be included in the compendium of the approved suppliers unless the firm makes a specific request for registration and deposits the requisite fee prior to the assessment as indicated above. In this event, registration will be done only after the proper procedure is followed and formal recommendations are received by the Accepting Authority. In case if the firm does not desire to be registered and/or does not deposit the requisite fee for assessment, intimation of capacity/capability of the firm to purchase Officer will be valid only for that specific tender inquiry.  In case the firm does not submit all the documents/details by the due date laid down by the purchaser or submits them later, the assessment will NOT be carried out and the matter will be referred to the purchaser. Further, the firm will not be entitled for similar assessment in future for similar product.</p> </td> </tr> <tr> <td> <p><strong><u>Flow Chart for Assessment of Supplier against Tender Enquiry</u></strong></p> </td> </tr> <tr> <td><img alt="" width="486" height="193" src="" /></td> </tr> <tr> <td> <p class="style9" align="justify">21.       <strong><u>Assessment of Financial Health</u></strong>. While carrying out the Supplier Assessment, apart from verification of technical capability/capacity, it is also necessary to assess the financial soundness of the firms to invest and incur expenditure for initial development, raw materials and various other inputs required for execution of Defence Supplies as per the stipulated delivery. For this purpose, the audited Balance sheets and profit and loss statements of the firm for the previous three financial years will be obtained. From these documents, the assessment team will give factual position as under:-</p> <p class="style9" align="justify"><strong>(a)  </strong>Sales/Turnover in the last three years and average/ year. For this purpose trading account will not be considered and only sales account given in the audited Balance Sheets will be included.</p> <p class="style9" align="justify"><strong>(b)  </strong>Profit / losses during the past 3 years.</p> <p class="style9" align="justify"><strong>(c) </strong> Accumulated losses.</p> <p class="style9" align="justify"><strong>(d) </strong> Net Worth of the firm (Assets minus liabilities) The average turnover of the firm for the last three years will be taken as the monetary limit up to which order can be placed on the firm and this will be included in the assessment report .In case a firm is making losses it will not be assumed that it can not be considered for registration. <strong>Each case will be assessed and examined on its overall merits by the Recommending and Accepting Authorities.</strong></p> <p class="style9" align="justify">22.       <strong><u>Action on Rejection for Registration.</u></strong> In case it is not possible to register a Supplier due to deficiencies noticed during assessment, the details of the deficiencies noted will be intimated to the firm as an advice by the recommending authority indicating that the firm may apply for registration afresh within a prescribed time frame. Normally reassessment of such firms will be taken up only after six months and on payment of fresh assessment charges for initial registration. However, reassessment may be taken up earlier at the discretion of the accepting   Authority   for  reasons  to  be  recorded  in  writing   depending  on   the   nature   of deficiencies noted earlier and merits of the case. To avoid the possibility of Suppliers for a particular item which may have been rejected for registration by one authority seeking to get registered through some other Authority dealing with similar items, it will be incumbent on the part of Suppliers to furnish all information regarding previous assessment results. For such serious acts of omission and commission by Supplier, the Supplier will not be considered for registration with Defence for a period of three years.</p> <p align="right"><a href=""><img alt="" src="" /></a></p> </td> </tr> </tbody> </table>

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