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 Appendix ‘A’
1.       Name of the Establishment : _________________.
2.       Strength :  
          a)      Officers (Group ‘A’ & ‘B’) : _____________.
          b)      Staff   (Balance) :______________.         
3.       Quality Assurance Workload (Inspected ) : _____________(Crores).
          a)      Indigenous :         _________(Crores)
                   * Ordnance Factories /PSUs (Including other than Defence)                            _____ (Crores).  
                   * Civil Sector _____ (Crores)
          b)      Imported : __________(Crores).
#        Administration/ Management Aspects
      a) General Administration
i.            Availability of Standing Orders






     *Fire Fighting



     *Security Standing
ii.          Office Procedures



     *Written Procedures

     * Checking of Identity Cards/ Service          

     Documents/ Daily Orders
*Reports and Returns

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