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Controllerate of Quality Assurance (General Stores)



Ashok Road,
P.B. No:127
Kanpur - 208 004.





Telegraphic Address




Range of Items

  • Harness & Saddley Items.

  • Aerial Delivery items & Mettalic components of Parachute ,etc.

  • Timber & Allied products.

  • Plastics, Glassware, Abrasives & Ceramics .

  • Surgical Instruments & Hospital Equipments.

  • Hand Tools & Fasteners.

  • Utensils.

  • Hard & Hollow-ware Items.

  • Heating & Lighting Equipments.

  • Papers & Packing Materials.


Technological Advances

  • The AHSP cover for latest hospital equipments involving computerization and
    electronic gadgetories have been provided.

  • The upgradation of various utensils from enamelware and aluminium to stainless
    steel have been carried out.

  • The timber items are being gradually replaced by cardboard and plastics.

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