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1. DGQA Organisation by virtue of its unique role is an inter-face between the manufacturer and the end user. In order to perform this role effectively and efficiently DGQA follows certain norms and procedures. While carrying out its primary function of QA the manufacturer and user have to be made familiar with the working of the Organisation for better interaction. Besides this function DGQA till date also has the responsibility for conducting the National Awards Function for Indigenisation to Private Sector Firms. Firms have to apply on a given format to DGQA for being considered for this Award by a due date. Information in this regard also needs to be made available to concerned Firms. Therefore, DGQA Organisation has a website as enumerated in succeeding paragraph. In addition to this, vendor Registration is also one of the functions.
(a) History of DGQA
(b) Role & Functions of DGQA
(c) Organisation
(d) Location of Establishments
(e) News letter
(f) Achievements
(g) National Awards
(h) Indigenisation
(j) Recruitment Rules
(k) Suggestions
(l) General Policy Letters
(m) List of Retired Officers
(n) Heads of Organisation
(o) Citizen’s Charter
(p) Technical Committees
(q) Test Facilities
(r) Joint Services Guide
(st) Download Forms
(t) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
(u) Glossary

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