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(a) Standing Orders on Administration for DGQA.
(b) Unit Standing Orders on Administration, Security, Fire, CSD Canteen, MT etc.
(c) Army Orders/Army Instructions (Admin)
(d) CCSR
(e) DSR for the Army
(f) Financial Regulations
(g) Govt Financial Rules
(h)Govt Treasury Rules
(j) FRSR
(k) Navy Orders
(l) Number of Reports & Returns (Admin)
(m) Service Book of Officers / Staff.
(n) ACRs
(o) Dossiers
(p) Paramount Card
(q) List of Officers / Staff
(r) Gradation Lists (Officers)
(s) Casualty Records
(t) PE
(u) Classification Hand Book
(v) Defence Services Receipt & Charges
(w) Delegation rules
(x) Seniority Roll (staff)
(y) Accounts Book (Public, Regimental, CSD Canteen, Wet Canteen)
(z) Vigilance Check Records

(aa) Record of grievances received and sorted out.
(ab) Store / Stock Ledgers
(ac) MT Documents like, POL Register, Log Books, Car Diaries, Accident Record etc.
(a) Standing Order on Technical matters for DGQA
(b) GSQR
(c) Design Specifications
(d) QAPS
(e) Procurement Drawings
(f) JSS & JSG (On concerned subject)
(g) EMERs
(h) Indian Standards (IS)
(j) International Standards (ISO)
(k) BIS
(l) ASTM
(m) Various National & International Specifications
(n) CES
(o) Compendium of Registered Venders
(p) List of Self-Certified Vendors
(q) Indian Navy Schedules (INS)
(r) Technical AOs/AIs
(s) Copy of Supply Orders with respective Estts
(t) Record of Defect Reports
(u) Record of CER
(v) Record of Capacity Verification/Vendor Rating
(w) Record of Laboratory Results and Test Equipment held.
(x) List of Reports & Returns (Technical)
(y) Record of User’s Trial.

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