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1. The success and strength of any Organisation lies in its smooth and efficient working with clear demarcations of powers and authorities within the hierarchy. Similarly, DGQA organisation also has well defined and structured orders on delegation of powers both administrative and financial to its officers. Duties of Officers/Staff at various appointments has also been defined in the Standing Orders.

2. DGQA organisation has been structured in three tiers i.e. HQ, Controllerates (AHSP) and Field Quality Assurance Estts to perform its functions efficiently and smoothly. Presently there are ten Tech Dtes. The details of Technical Directorates are as under:-


(a) Controller
(b) Joint Controller (I)
(c) Joint Controller (II)
(d) Deputy Controllers
(e) Assistant Controller
(f) NGOs (Tech NGOs)  
(g) Duties of NGO Incharge Technical Coord Section
- The technical NGO incharge Technical Coord section if created in contract division is responsible for performing common functions of division and shall also supervise the works of ministerial staff like UDC/LDC and Peon. The various charter of duties of NGO are to receive of inward and outgoing correspondence, dak, files, timely collection of various information from contract sections for compilation of reports/returns.
- Holding files and accounting of various policy letters.
- Preparation of folder for conferences and meetings.
- Maintain general correspondence and common activity files.
- Receive, hold, maintain, account for various stores/equipment issued to contract division.
- Maintain register for earned/casual/short leave.
- Demand collection and distribution of stationery items. Open/closure of office.
- Cyclostyling, photocopying Xeroxing of various specifications/documents.
- Collection of trial stores samples, disposal on completion of evaluation.
- Updating of compendium of registered firms, any other duty pertaining to Tech Division.
(h) Stenographer
(k) Peon

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