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(a) Quality Assurance of Defence Stores & Equipment (except those procured through Civil Industry by the Ordnance Factories/Def PSUs.)
(b) Rendering assistance in productionising of the design developed by DRDO
(c) Indigenisation of Defence Stores & Equipment (responsibility has been transferred to OFB and services except in case of Naval stores and certain selective Armament items).
(d) Render Technical Advice to Service HQs.
(e) Investigation of Defects, Complaints and advice remedial measures thereof.
(f) AHSP functions:-


(c)  Directorate of Quality Assurance (Electronics) - DQA (L). This discipline is responsible for indigenisation and Quality Assurance of the entire range of Electronics and Electrical Equipment/stores required by the Army. The main areas are :-


(e) Directorate of Quality Assurance (Engineering Equipment) - DQA(EE). Various types of engineering equipment for indigenisation & Quality Assurance are dealt with by DQA (EE), Broadly these are: -

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