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Directorate of Quality Assurance (Naval), New Delhi


To undertake Quality Assurance for Electrical, Electronics & Weapon equipment and Naval Stores under procurement by Navy, Coast Guard and Shipyards. Except those being undertaken by DGNAI.


  • Assistance to NHQ to formulate SOTRs & RFPs
  • Participation in TNC and CNCs at MoD, NHQ, Command HQ
  • QA for Electrical, Electronics , Weapon equipment & Naval Store
  • Participate in QA of Naval R & D Programme
  • Pre Delivery Inspection and participation in FATS
  • Lab testing ( Marine Paints, chemical and Environmental)
  • Quality Audit & surveillance for stores manufactured by Ordinance Factory
  • Substandard report & defect investigation
  • Cadre Controlling Authority for DQA(N) cadre personnel

Organisational Structure

Seniority roll

III Tier Organisational Layout

QAE (UB), Mumbai
Name: CQAO
Location: NCML/DGQA Complex 8th floor, Naval Dockyard, Tiger gate, Mumbai – 400 001
Tel. No:. 022- 25781566
Fax No:. 022-25781566
Role & Function: State of Goa, Union Territories of Daman & Diu, Southern parts of M.P (Below Tropic of Cancer), Maharashtra and Gujarat State
E-Mail: qaeub[at]vsnl[dot]com