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Directorate of Quality Assurance (Combat Vehicles )


Exercising QA authority and also erstwhile AHSP Providing QA coverage both at HVF/EF, AVADI and OF Medak for all combat Vehicles and their variant and also defence equipments / stores manufactured at BEML, KGF.


  • Guiding/directing, within the scope of the role of tech dte, on the work activities of estts of DGQA (CV) as under-
  • Creation, Maintenance and Distribution of Sealed Particulars.
  • Evaluation of Prototypes
  • Defect Investigation
  • Modifications & Improvements
  • All Technical Services During Pre & Post Contract including QA coverage for defence equipment/spares ex-HVF/EFS-600 0054. OF Medak-502205 and BEML, KGF-563115.

Organisational Structure


Name: SQAO
Location: SQAE(V)KGF Karnataka
Tel. No. 08153-264054
Fax No. 08153-279508
Objectives and Duties & Responsibilty:
To create work environment for enhancing fulfillment of all technical service requirement of the establishment.
Duties & Responsibilities:-
a) To head the estt exercising due admin authy and implement QAIs from AHSP concerned.
(b) To ensure compliance of identified / esatablished QA practices/ procedures @ BEML, KGF and progressing of contracts by providing technical assistance for equipment ex-BEML production.
E-Mail: ce[dot]btdzone-army[at]nic[dot]in